Calling All Overworked Business Owners

The Secret to Less Work & More Profit:

How to Create a Welcome Sequence that Equals More Sales on Autopilot

Access the step-by-step, fluff-free mini course for entrepreneurs who want a shortcut to create an engaging and profitable welcome sequence without being a copywriting pro or hiring one.

Okay, Stop Me if I'm Wrong

You know that in order to make more money...

You need a strong email list.

And a strong email list starts with a strong welcome sequence but...

  • Writing is hard
  • What do you say after "Hello, welcome, 'this is me'"?
  • How many emails should you send?
  • How much should you nurture?
  • How much should you sell? — wait, can you sell?
  • How do you do this without being boring
  • How do you do this without feeling like an icky salesman?

Aaand how does this fit in with all your other email sequences?!

So then you dig out the swipe files you've collected.

You start hoping the swipe files you've collected will help you plug and play and end this misery but find yourself even more confused, frustrated, exasperated because these "swipes" fail to capture your voice.


You're. So. Over. It.

You start questioning your abilities.

And start thinking you should outsource this to a copywriter, but their rates give you sticker shock!

You're losing time and money.

Before you know it, 2 days have gone by and your welcome sequence is still unfinished. You're back to spending the bulk of your time pushing out more content, replying to emails, and doing all the things in your business in the hopes that it'll eventually lead to more revenue. *fingers crossed*


In the meantime, people joining your list are dropping off, not engaging, causing your emails to go to spam thereby affecting your delivery rates, and worst of all...


You're not making sales or booking new clients.

I've been exactly where you are.

Being told the money is in the list... but not knowing where to find it.


I wasn't sure how to welcome people onto my list that provided them with value and meant more revenue for my business.


So I slapped some emails together and called it a day for my welcome sequence.


All the while, I still felt guilty because I knew I wasn't getting to know my audience and worst, they weren't getting to know me and what I could do for them.


I became obsessed with cracking the code to a profitable email list because regardless of what some say, email marketing is not dead.

Let's Consider the Facts:

There are 3.9 billion daily email users with an expected increase to 4.3 billion by the year 2023. (Source: Statista)


Not to mention for every $1 you put into your email list, you get $42 back. #helloROI (Source: Litmus)

I needed to leverage this powerful asset.

While working with my 6, 7, and 8-figure clients, I started seeing firsthand what was working in their businesses — meaningful emails that attract.


Emails that help attract your reader to your message or what I now call Magnetize Messaging™. It's all about crafting emails that are captivating, trustworthy, and solution-oriented that draw your reader in.


No more vanity emails.


No more salesy emails.


No more fluffy emails.


Through trial and error, I took this idea of Magnetize Messaging™ and applied it to my welcome sequence. 

And What Followed May Shock You

  • Increased open rates
  • More booked discovery calls
  • More sales and clients
  • Fewer unsubscribers

And best of all, replies from my readers thanking me for what I do! (I mean who doesn’t love getting these types of emails?!)


I’ve learned that creating an engaging and profitable welcome sequence is not rocket science. 


It’s a simple formula anyone can follow to transform their welcome sequence from just okay to “I gotta read this!”.

Captivate + Trust + Solution = Magnetize Messaging™

This simple formula is one anybody can follow, and I want to help you achieve amazing results with your welcome sequence.

Which is Why I'm so Excited to Introduce

The step-by-step, fluff-free mini course for entrepreneurs who want a shortcut to create an engaging and profitable welcome sequence without being a copywriting pro or hiring one.

Whether you're a team of one, two, or twenty, Welcome and Wow is the perfect shortcut to a welcome sequence that not only delights your new leads but converts them from the start.

Consider this handholding system your easy button to going from "meh" emails to "cha-ching" emails.

  • Save Time

    Stop the procrastination and craft your welcome sequence in record time

    (not days or weeks)

  • Be Yourself

    You can write emails that sound like (so your new subscribers begin to know, like, and trust you from the start)

  • Write with Ease

    Feel confident in your ability to write engaging emails (even if English wasn’t your favorite subject in school)

  • More Impact

    Satisfaction people are reading and converting from your emails (and not just scrolling to the unsubscribe button)

  • Take Time Off

    Drift to sleep at night assured your welcome sequence is doing the heavy lifting (so you can take time off without the CEO guilt)

  • Make More Sales

    Welcome more sale notifications (so you can experience more of this passive income lifestyle everyone’s talking about)

What's Included in Welcome and Wow

Lesson One

Email #1 of Your Welcome Sequence

How to Welcome Your New Subscriber with Ease

Hate the dreaded blinking cursor mocking you with ridicule? That stops right now.


In this first lesson, learn how and what to say first so your new subscriber not only reads your first email BUT is eager to open the rest of your emails.

Lesson Two

Email #2 of Your Welcome Sequence

How to Build on Your New Relationship

So now you and your listie are best friends, right? Not quite — but I’ll show you how to get there. 


This lesson spills my secret sauce on how to share and build your authority WITHOUT making it all about YOU because you’re actually making it about your new subscriber instead! I even dish about how to name drop your other offers without looking greedy.

Lesson Three

Email #3 of Your Welcome Sequence

How to Keep the Momentum Going

Now’s not the time to quit the race. We still have a ways to go.


This lesson is all about how to maintain your momentum with an email that gets them responding and eager to buy from you. 


Warning: Can result in sales and satisfied customers.

Lesson Four

Email #4 of Your Welcome Sequence

How to Stay at the Forefront of their Mind

Inboxes can get extremely crowded so it’s crucial to ensure your message stands out! Learn how to further establish your genius and authority plus how you can provide real value to your reader so they look to you as the go-to for their woes. 


Skip away with an email that gets opened (and read).

Lesson Five

Email #5 of Your Welcome Sequence

How to Review & Optimize Your Emails

Pop the bubbly because your welcome sequence is complete! Now it’s time to ensure all that hard work doesn’t go to waste. 


In this lesson, you’ll learn what data needs to be reviewed, how to make improvements, and how to avoid the common mistake that’s costing business owners thousands or tens of thousands of dollars every year. 


Walk away with concrete next steps for cashing in on your email list.

Five Value-Packed Lessons (valued at $497)

Four Example Emails (valued at $297)

Four Welcome Sequence Templates (valued at $197)

Training & Sparkle Checklist (valued at $197)

Email Success Pillars Training (valued at $197)

Total Value: $1,385

Regular Price: $197

Today's Price:

Only $37

(yes, really!)

What My Clients Are Saying

Brittany is brilliant in doing these evergreen email sequences. The way she can come up with categories and topics and make every single email flow seamlessly from one email to another is crazy.

Suzanne Edwards

AlphaMamas Fitness

Oh, my gosh, I just I love knowing that I have a whole year like an actual plan and an actual strategy for a whole year that is working for my business all of the time. It's totally customed to me, but in my voice, and yeah, so it was amazing. 

Colleen Kochannek

The Scrappy Frontier

Brittany's services have impacted us because we were able to update a lot of copy that had become stagnant and wasn't having the conversions that we wanted anymore. There is so much copy involved in running a business. The more I could have someone else do it to the quality that I really needed it to be and that was going to feel good to me was just so helpful.


I would highly recommend Brittany's services for sure!

Esther Inman

Virtual Assistant Internship

I bought the courses, tried the templates, had written tons of my own emails, but just couldn't put it all together. Thanks to Brittany, I can focus my attention and creative innovation on another part of my business. That is something I am so grateful for. We all have new ideas all the time. And what was happening was is I would still have a new idea, but I would just neglect the email side. Now it's taken care of and then I can express myself in the way that I love.

Renee Hribar

Sales Coach

Marissa Sharkey

Damn Good Content

Julie Stoian & Cathy Olson

Funnel Gorgeous

Glenn Vo

Nifty, Thrifty Dental

Lynn McKenzie

Pet Psychic

Nick Pavlidis

Ghostwriter School

Caitlin Pyle

Proofread Anywhere | WAHS

Kathy Santo

Kathy Santo Dog Training

Karen Campbell


Karen Gilbert

Perfumery Instructor

Doresa Ibrahim

Prospect Alchemy

Cindy Mann

Art Shattered

Karen Gilbert

Perfumery Instructor

Incredible Bonuses


Welcome Sequence Template

Stop the guesswork and get access to our welcome sequence template — Mad Libs style! Simply fill in the spots with your information, and you're ready to go!


The Sparkle Email Checklist

Want assurance your email is sparkle-tasic?! Of course you do! With our awesome checklist, you'll easily see what should be reviewed with each email so you never miss anything.


Welcome Sequence Success Pillars

Did ya know there are 5 vital factors to a successful welcome sequence? This bonus dishes on how to slay these pillars so you never have to waste time and money again. 

Meet Brittany!

Brittany Long is an email marketing expert making her impact on the internet as the creator of the popular brand Win with Systems. 


Win with Systems has worked with a vast variety of business owners: fitness Influencers, artists, authors, course creators, flippers, dentists, ad specialists, podcasters, bloggers, social media strategists, life coaches, bookkeepers, dog trainers, Pinterest specialists, eCommerce shop owners, and more.


She began her online journey as a graphic designer. From there, she’s been involved in funnel building, copywriting, and email marketing. She has an extensive knowledge of digital marketing having been involved behind the scenes with her successful clients and in her own business.  


Today she works with 6, 7, and 8-figure digital CEOs to streamline their email systems so they can scale effortlessly. 


Brittany has been featured on Digital Insiders with Julie Stoian, The Savvy Couple, Work-At-Home School, and Rebel Love.

Five Value-Packed Lessons (valued at $497)

Four Example Emails (valued at $297)

Four Welcome Sequence Templates (valued at $197)

Training & Sparkle Checklist (valued at $197)

Email Success Pillars Training (valued at $197)

Total Value: $1,385

Regular Price: $197

Today's Price:

Only $37

My Promise to You

I know you can do this, but maybe you’re not quite so sure. (C’mon, you’re a bad*ss!)


That’s why I offer a 14-day money-back guarantee


Go ahead and enroll and take it for a good ‘ole test drive. If you’re not able to craft a welcome sequence you can be proud of that grabs the attention of your reader, provides real value, and encourages them to take further action with you, I’ll give you your money back. 


Simply send my team an email at brittany@winwithsystems[dot]com.

We both know you only get one shot to make a great first impression with your new subscribers, so you want to make it count!

And not having a powerful welcome sequence means you’re literally leaving tons of money on the table and missing out on the chance to best serve and connect with your audience…


… meaning they’re looking to your competitors instead.  

Setting up your quick (and painless, I promise) welcome sequence with Welcome and Wow means you’re creating loyal fans who look forward to your emails and practically have their credit card ready when you open cart on your new offers! #hellosales

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of business does this work for?

How much time will this take?

I've tried creating a welcome sequence in the past and it never worked. How is this different?

What if I want to write more or fewer than four welcome emails?

If I use your system, will my emails still sound like me?

Is this something my virtual assistant can help me with?

Do I need special tools and software to make this work?

What happens after I purchase?

How long will I have access to everything?

What if I need more help with my email marketing?

You've Got Two Choices

Now you can definitely go back to Googling and YouTube’ing “how to create a welcome sequence” and dive back into your vault of email swipe files with absolutely no judgement from me, I promise. #judgementfreezone


Or maybe — just maybe — you can consider that those methods may not be the right fit for you and your business. 


Instead if you want to call dibs on this training that encompasses my seasoned experience in email marketing that will help you to create a powerful Magnetize Messaging™ welcome sequence, then this is your moment to shine!


See you on the inside!


xx, Brittany 

Five Value-Packed Lessons (valued at $497)

Four Example Emails (valued at $297)

Four Welcome Sequence Templates (valued at $197)

Training & Sparkle Checklist (valued at $197)

Email Success Pillars Training (valued at $197)

Total Value: $1,385

Regular Price: $197

Today's Price:

Only $37

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