This simple-to-follow and easy-to-implement workshop covers the six most important sequences you need in your business (yup, no matter your industry) to optimize you automatic revenue from emails. We cover the highest ROI sequences, how to properly utilize them and in what order to create or update them.

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Have a welcome sequence that stinks? 

Your welcome sequence is your customer or client's FIRST impression of you. If it stinks because it's something you slapped together on the first day of a launch at midnight because you knew you had to have it but you didn't have the time or mental energy to create a GOOD one -- one that gets your customers  and potential BUYING and knowing, liking, and trusting you with each new email... 


Then you are absolutely, 100% setting cash on fire every time someone goes through that sequence. 


Instead, effortlessly create a welcome sequence using my system, Welcome & Wow. Don't have time for a short tutorial? I hear ya, my friend. Use the highly customizable templates instead (which are included in Welcome & Wow and have highlights so you can quickly and easily see what to edit. 


Pick the second option - Hidden Loot + Welcom & Wow at checkout to get this special upgrade. 

What's Included:

  • A short, powerful, and easy-to-implement workshop (valued at $97)
  • A checklist to keep track of which emails you'll start with, which emails you need help with, and your notes (valued at $27)

Total Value: $221

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Brittany is brilliant in doing these evergreen email sequences. The way she can come up with categories and topics and make every single email flow seamlessly from one email to another is crazy.

Suzanne Edwards

AlphaMamas Fitness

Oh, my gosh, I just I love knowing that I have a whole year like an actual plan and an actual strategy for a whole year that is working for my business all of the time. It's totally customed to me, but in my voice, and yeah, so it was amazing. 

Colleen Kochannek

The Scrappy Frontier

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