Calling All Overworked Business Owners

What if You Could Make More Sales From the Traffic That's Already Coming Your Way?

Does this sound familiar? 

You're growing your email list because everyone says you need to but... 

The sequences you've made on your own to NURTURE the potential customer or client (and make more sales) once they're ON your list is... 

Well, lacking. 


Or even non-existant. 



You wrote it at 2 am on a Monday because that's the only time you had or... you never wrote it at all because... "What do you even say?" And "There are a million other things that feel more urgent and more exciting than an email seuqence."


The problem is... You KNOW you're missing out on revenue because while you've been banking on your funnels, website, a one-off sales page, webinar, or ads to sell for you... 


You know that most people need at least 8 touchpoints in order to say YES to an offer and those tools just aren't enough for a customer that's not quite ready to buy yet.


And that means that RIGHT NOW there are... 

  • People on your list that don't even know all the offers you have (which stinks, because if they're on your list, they're probably a great fit for your offers!) 
  • People on your list that thought "is this for me?" but never bought -- and because there was no follow up sequence or a proper, fully-optimized-to-the-max abandoned cart sequence... they're still on the "never bought" list
  • People that desperately need your help but have no idea that YOU'RE the person that can help them because once they got on your list, you ghosted them. 

Aaand the worst part is that even in those (very) brief moments where you could write or update the sequences you're missing... you don't even know which sequence to START with. They ALL seem important, right? 

So then you dig out the swipe files you've collected or WORSE... do nothing, frozen with indecision and overwhelm.

But there aren't swipes for everything you need (you don't think anyways... what sequences DO you need? Which one should be first?) and all you want is a list of what sequences to write and when so you can either make time to make more money (I mean write the sequences) or you can ask someone on your team to. 


But for all the swipes out there, nobody seems to be talking about what you actually NEED and in which order. 

You resign yourself to continue making what you're making... 

Annoyed that you KNOW you could be making so much more on autopilot with the right,

fully fledged sequences...

You're literally leaking money.

That sequence you intended to finish 2 and a half years ago is still sitting, unfinished, in your Google docs. You're not proud of it, you don't know when you'll be able to finish, and while you know that sustainably, you need some revenue coming in that YOU don't have to DO something to create every single day...


It honestly feels like a pipe dream.


In the meantime, every time someone comes in through your ads or watches a webinar, or almost signs up for your offer and then changes your mind...


You're literally gushing out the money they'd happily pay you with just a little more follow up. 

That's where most of my clients start.

Knowing they're losing out on loads of revenue every single day simply because they don't have the right sequences in place or optimized.


And knowing if they could just get those sequences in place that can run without them, it not only helps their company increase their profits... 


I've helped business owners in just about any niche you can think of, from online business coaches to service providers, dentists, perfumers, dog trainers, pet psychics, authors, speakers, makeup artists, and more, and that's how I know the main sequences that most business owners either don't have at all OR aren't utilizing to get the most they can out of it. 


In fact, out of the 100+ business owners I've worked with, not a single one had all their sequences optimized. 


What do you really want?

A business that can bring in truly passive income so you can do more of whatever it is YOU want -- it is possible, but you have to have the right systems (and in this case SEQUENCES) in place. 

So how do you find out what you need? 

Well, you could do the research yourself. 


I spend about an hour a day researching current trends, standards, psychology and more to help me optimize my emails and my client's emails. 


I've been in the email service provider of over 100 clients. 


You could try and do that all yourself. could leverage what I know...

  • Discover the sequences you need to update (with tips on how to update them) 
  • Learn about the sequences you should add to make money all year long 
  • Uncover how to get more sales from the clients and customers that already love you
  • Determine what YOUR prime real estate is in email and get more out of it 

And that's where the Hidden Loot in Your Email List comes in.

This simple-to-follow and easy-to-implement workshop covers the six most important sequences you need in your business (yup, no matter your industry) to optimize you automatic revenue from emails. We cover the highest ROI sequences, how to properly utilize them and in what order to create or update them.

It's all in...

The Hidden Loot Inside Your Email List Workshop is a short and powerful workshop that will show you EXACTLY what sequences you need to add or edit so you can start making MORE from your email. 

Whether you're a team of one, two, or twenty, The Hidden Loot Inside Your Email List is the perfect shortcut to a setting up sequences that can bring in revenue again and again and again without the guesswork or overwhelm.  

Consider this handholding workshop your easy button to discovering and implementing the automated emails that bring in the dough.

  • Save Time

    Stop the overthinking and the overwhelm and FINALLY get the sequences you need done when you know which one to start with and the general rules about what to talk about in each. 

  • Avoid Procrastination

    We both know you're going to hate it if something happens that you NEED passive income for and you don't have it because you kept pushing this off. Learn what sequences can bring in extra revenue and then get them set up so you and prepared for the unexpected. 

  • More Impact & Revenue

    Increase your level of impact and revenue by discovering the consistent sequences you need that follow up even when you don't have the time to. 

  • Take Time Off

    ...without worrying about whether or not you'll have revenue coming in. You'll learn the sequences that can do the heaving lifting for you.

What's Included in the Hidden Loot Workshop

The Workshop

"We made more this month from your workshop!"

The short and powerful workshop that's helped viewers make updates and additions that gave them results that same month!

This workshop has helped viewers bring in more revenue that very month from simple tweaks or sequence additions and I know it can for you, too. How? Because after seeing the backend of over 100 business owners, I can tell you that they all - yes, even the 8 figure earners! - are missing critical emails, phrases, and opportunities in a variety of email sequences. 


But you don't have to. This is the work-smart way to learn what you need to add or edit to get the most of your emails. 

Your Own Personal Checklist

"Where do I start?"

Keep the momentum going with a clear path 

During the workshop, I'll go through the variety of sequences you might need to add and what's included. As you discover each, you'll write down what you need and what to include in the various emails.


It'll give you a clear path of what you need in YOUR business and what's the critical priority NOW.


No more LOSING MONEY because you're ignoring your emails because you don't know where to start. 

A short, powerful, and easy-to-implement workshop (valued at $97)

A checklist to keep track of which emails you'll start with, which emails you need help with, and your notes (valued at $27)

Total Value: $221

Regular Price: $97

Today's Price:

Only $27

(yes, really!)

What My Clients Are Saying

Dara Sklar

AlphaMamas Fitness

Brittany’s copywriting genius has no bounds when it comes to understanding the way in which prospects enter into a funnel and the timing of specific messages to encourage conversion.  Within this super short period of time, she showed us where we were leaving money on the table with our funnel and the types of content that will give us the best result. 

Laura Meyer

Laura Meyer Consulting

As a launch copywriter, I’m always thinking emails within the launch timeline. But it doesn’t extend to what email systems my clients need to have post-launch. This was extremely eye-opening and a nice value-add piece of advice I can give my clients.

Knowing what I know now…I’m taking action on sending swipe email copy and a request to add my offer to their evergreen sequences. Gold!

I recommend this workshop to ANYONE who’s in the online marketing space. This is so, so needed!

Amisha Shrimanker

The Copy Crew

I bought the courses, tried the templates, had written tons of my own emails, but just couldn't put it all together. Thanks to Brittany, I can focus my attention and creative innovation on another part of my business. That is something I am so grateful for. We all have new ideas all the time. And what was happening was is I would still have a new idea, but I would just neglect the email side. Now it's taken care of and then I can express myself in the way that I love.

Renee Hribar

Sales Coach

Just a Few of the Amazing Clients I've Worked With

Karen Campbell


Karen Gilbert

Perfumery Instructor

Doresa Ibrahim

Prospect Alchemy

Cindy Mann

Art Shattered

Lynn McKenzie

Pet Psychic

Nick Pavlidis

Ghostwriter School

Caitlin Pyle

Proofread Anywhere | WAHS

Kathy Santo

Kathy Santo Dog Training

Marissa Sharkey

Damn Good Content

Julie Stoian & Cathy Olson

Funnel Gorgeous

Shanda Sumpter

Heartcore Business

Glenn Vo

Nifty, Thrifty Dental

Meet Brittany!

Brittany Long is an email marketing expert making her impact on the internet as the creator of the popular brand Win with Systems. 


Win with Systems has worked with a vast variety of business owners: fitness Influencers, artists, authors, course creators, flippers, dentists, ad specialists, podcasters, bloggers, social media strategists, life coaches, bookkeepers, dog trainers, Pinterest specialists, eCommerce shop owners, and more.


She began her online journey as a graphic designer. From there, she’s been involved in funnel building, copywriting, and email marketing. She has an extensive knowledge of digital marketing having been involved behind the scenes with her successful clients and in her own business.  


Today she works with 6, 7, and 8-figure digital CEOs to streamline their email systems so they can scale effortlessly. 


Brittany has been featured on Digital Insiders with Julie Stoian, The Savvy Couple, Work-At-Home School, and Rebel Love.

A short, powerful, and easy-to-implement workshop (valued at $97)

A checklist to keep track of which emails you'll start with, which emails you need help with, and your notes (valued at $27)


Total Value: $221

Regular Price: $97

Today's Price:

Only $27

My Promise to You

I know you can do this, but maybe you’re not quite so sure. 


That’s why I offer a 7-day money-back guarantee


Go ahead and enroll and take it for a good ‘ole test drive. If you’re not able to craft a welcome sequence you can be proud of that grabs the attention of your reader, provides real value, and encourages them to take further action with you, I’ll give you your money back. 


Simply send my team an email at brittany@winwithsystems[dot]com.

We both know you want to life-proof your business with sequences that can run (and sell) on autopilot to the leads and customers that come through your list.

And we know YOU know that it's not enough to get them on your list -- they need to be nurtured. They need to be reminded about your other offers and they have questions and objections that need to be answered. 


But YOU shouldn't have to do this because you already have so many other things on your plate, and let's be honest... it'll probably take another few years to go through the sequences and find out what updates you need if you're doing it on your own. 


Plus, since you've only really been in your own email service provider (or maybe a few others), you're not seeing the big picture of what's working or not working. 


Because we've worked with so many clients in such a large variety of fields, we get to see the 20,000 foot view of what's working and not working. And I share that with you in the Hidden Loot Inside Your Email List Workshop. It's like having me as your consultant - something I charge thousands of dollars for a month - and you get my sequence advice for just $17.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of business does this work for?

How much time will this take?

Will you create the emails for me or give me a template if I watch this workshop? 

What if I need more help with my email marketing?

Is this something my virtual assistant can help me with?

Do I need special tools and software to make this work?

What happens after I purchase?

How long will I have access to everything?

You've Got Two Choices

Now you can definitely go back to leaving your head in the sand, feeling ashamed, embarrassed, and overwhelmed that you don't have these sequences up to par, knowing that you're 100% missing out on revenue each time someone gets on your list. If makin' more money and helping more people isn't your thing... do you, boo! 


Or maybe — just maybe — you can consider that this short and powerful $27 workshop that's easy to understand and easy to implement can help you bring in more revenue.


Within 30 minutes, you're going to know what email sequences to add, remove, and update so you can make more this week, this month, and this year.


It's time to stop the cash leak in your email sequences. I can show you how. 



A short, powerful, and easy-to-implement workshop (valued at $97)

A checklist to keep track of which emails you'll start with, which emails you need help with, and your notes (valued at $27)

Total Value: $221

Regular Price: $97

Today's Price:

Only $27

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