You're Leaving SO Much Money on the Table.   

But with the right sequence, you can plug the cash leak.


When was the last time... 

...You've spent tons of time, money, and energy  creating a product and launching it, only to realize you're only making money on it a few times a year while the rest of the year, it's sitting there collecting dust. Not helping anyone. And not bringing in more revenue -- that means MORE work for you. 


Are you tired of working so hard all the time and constantly creating or live launching?


Now consider this... When was the last time you bought a product or signed up

for a service the first (or even second) time you heard about it?

If You're Only Pitching Your Clients Once or Twice a Year... You're Leaving Money on the Table

I know that you know that you need an evergreen sequence. 


With even just ten more sales a month, it could mean... 


10 more $37 sales means $370 more a month or $4,440 per year. 

10 more $97 sales means $970 more a month or $11,640 per year.

10 more $297 sales means $2,970 per month or $35,640 per year.

10 more $497 sales means $4,970 per month or $59,640 per year.

10 more $997 sales means $9,970 per month or $119,640 per year.


And that's if you are only are making an additional ten sales per month.


That means you're leaving thousands, tens of thousands, or even over a hundred thousand on the table. 


Just on ten more sales a month. 


And an evergreen sequence makes that possible. 


So why are you procrastinating? 


You Don't Have Time.

I get it. You don't have time. You have a bazillion things you're working on and you'd so much rather outsource your emails than write them yourself. 


You KNOW an evergreen sequence will bring in more sales, you just don't have the time to do it yourself. 


Maybe you keep adding it to your to-do list, thinking "tomorrow I'll get to it..." (or next week, or next month)... 


But that day never comes, does it? 


Because there are always things that seem more pressing. 


Emails don't feel super urgency, new, or sexy... 


But they're the EASIEST way to increase your revenue. 

You Don't Know How to Unravel Your Big Ball of Messy Email Sequences

Alright, don't hide your face in shame here, everybody's sequences get messy and it's almost never as bad as you think.




When you start to think about all the different sequences you have and how it connects with your evergreen sequence, your brain starts spinning.


That's exactly why you need someone like me to wade through what you already have and help you unravel it all and connect it back in a way that makes sense. In a way that is simple, effective, and not confusing. 

You Don't Know How to Map Out Your Emails or Write Them Quickly

I know a year of evergreen emails can sound (and feel!) like a HUGE undertaking. And that's often one of the biggest reasons entrepreneurs who know they could be making a lot more through an evergreen sequence don't... 


You're not sure how to map the sequence of emails out or write them quickly.


And so instead of writing them (and it taking foreeeever), you just haven't done it at all. 


Sound familiar? 

You don't have to do it alone. 


And honestly, it's better if you didn't. 


Because if you keep trying to write your evergreen sequence on your own it's going to be months or even years before you get it done (if it ever gets done). 



Because you have other things on your plate that needs your attention. 


You're running a business, leaving your legacy, trying to find a work-home life balance. 


ere's the TRUTH. It Makes More Sense for Someone Else to Use the Content You've Already Created...

And craft emails for you that sound like you... 

That are in a cohesive, strategic sequence... 

...And that actually get done this month  

It's in your words.

It's with your voice.

It's with your nuances.


You're still the one helping your audienec. 


The only difference between you doing it and hiring me to do it is that when you hire me to do it, it's going to get done in less than a month. 


You're not going to be kicking yourself anymore because you know that you need this. 

You're going to be ecstatic when the first hundred dollars rolls in from an evergreen sequence... 

Then the first thousand... 


And then...


You're going to be freakin' THRILLED when you realize that the same email that just made you another ten, hundred, or thousand dollars... 


Is going to be automatically sending and selling to anyone new that joins your list this year... 

And next year...

And as long as you are running your business. 

That's great for your business now. And even 5 years from now.


Think about it... How great would it feel to make sales all year long without even thinking about it? 

And what a relief would it be that you won't always have be on all the time to make a living?

And all this can start for you next month.

That's Where the Evergreen Email Done For You Comes in.

At Win with Systems, we believe that when a bomb gets dropped on you, the LAST thing you should have to worry about is how to pay the bills. Bombs like... 

💣 You are depressed and can barely get out of bed, much less run your company so that sales are coming in (nobody likes to talk about it, but it happens everyday to entrepreneurs).

💣 Your child is sick or you are sick and your entire world is turned upside down as you focus on healing.


💣 You are going through a divorce or separation.


💣 You’re burnt out and exhausted and you need some time away because you’re about ready to burn your business to the ground.



We've seen it happen to FAR too many entrepreneurs to know that the unexpected IS the norm. 


And even if "all" you want to do is optimize what you're already doing so you can work smarter (and not harder), or avoid (or recover from) burnout and you're not facing some kind of deer-in-the-headlights-what-do-I-do-now life event that leaves so many entrprenuers feeling like they're stuck in a tar pit, the evergreen email sequence is for you. 


And not only can it help you bring in reliable, consistent revenue from your list (that you otherwise are only selling to a few times a year on a stressful AF live launch), you're also able to nurture your audience more... 


Without it being a NECESSITY for you to show up. 


When you have your evergreen sequence done for you -- and this is our specialty -- you are able to actually have a FINISHED sequence that you can upload and run with. 


I can't tell you how many business owners come to me after some kind of life event happens and tell me that they thought they'd do it themselves. After all, they know their audience. They know how to write. They might have some pockets of time here and there. There should be nothing stopping them from completing this... right? 


Wrong. If you are trying to do it yourself, I'm sorry to say that it's simply NOT going to happen. I mean you can try to prove me wrong but... you'd be the first. And truthfully, would you rather be the first and be super stressed out or wait so long that you get to the point that you NEED it now (and we normally book a few months out) OR... 


Would you rather have it written for you and as you... 







Here are Some of the Results My Clients Have Had

Thankful for Another Stream of Revenue When Her Ads Tanked


One client expressed her gratitude after having her ad account shut down for months. Her evergreen sequence helped keep her company afloat until her ad account was reinstated. And after the ad account was reinstated, she now had extra revenue -- all from a single sequence that was created once! 

So Relieved She Could Cry...


One client has expressed she was so relieved she could cry. After going through multiple other writers, she's so relieved to have finally found someone that sounds like her in writing. 

Six Figures from Emails


One client has earned over six figures from their evergreen sequence.

Made Back Investment in Three Months 


One client has made back their investment within the first three months -- and now is running on purely profit anytime someone buys from their sequence this year... or next year... or even four years from now!

Took Time Off -- Finally!


One client was able to take time off and FINALLY relax knowing they had extra revenue coming in.

Six Thousand in the First Month


One client made six thousand from her evergreen emails the first month they were live. 

Gave Wiggle Room While Dealing with a Horrible Life Event


One client was dealing with a difficult life event. They were comforted knowing they could take time off and still bring in revenue during the difficult time. 

The most important thing you can do for reliable, consistent sales all year long... 

For as long as your business is running... 

is to create your evergreen sequence. 


It's going to give you peace of mind. 

It's going to give you more income from products you've already created.

It's going to give you the freedom to take time off (and still make money)...


The year-long done-for-you evergreen sequence


Written in your voice.

With your tone.

Including you nuances.


And it'll be done in three months or less. 


In three months or less, you could start making money

from your evergreen sequence.

What's Included

Get all of this when you have your evergreen email sequence done for you. 


Not sure where to start? You're not alone and it's one of the reasons so many clients decide to work with us. We'll set up the strategy with you so you can see (and have a say!) in what we write about, without having to research, create, and perfect a strategy on your own. 






Want to know exactly what is going out and when? We'll show you in a mapped out version of your evergreen emails. You'll see how the Call to actions connect, what you're promoting each month, and how everything flows together. 





This is the piece de' resistance. You can decide if you want more than 52 emails written, but you'll have at least 52 emails written so that at least one email a week can go out to your audience. That means you can NURTURE in between launches and SELL in between launches, too. All on autopilot! 


We want you to love your evergreen emails, so we'll keep making updates until you're ecstatic. Here are the steps we take to ensure this happens. 


Step 1: We spend about 10 days in the research and immersion phase. We consume your content until we feel as though we can think and write like you. 


Step 2: We write the first four emails and send them to you for your approval. You can tell us anything you'd like us to update, either in a loom video, short Zoom call, or through suggested edits.


Step 3: We make updates and complete the emails, then update any remaining tweaks you'd like until you're completely happy!


Implemented in June 2021, we've started doing a 3 and 9 month review of your evergreen emails. In that review, we'll note any subject lines that should be updated and any offers that are not converting as highly as you'd like. We'll make suggestions on your next steps so you can make the most out of your sequence as you continue to nurture and sell to your audience. Added a product since we wrote your sequence? This is also when we'll talk about where and how you can add this in to your sequence. 






We know what works and one of the reasons we know what works is because we've written for so many different companies and have seen first hand what does and doesn't convert. We know what patterns to look for and how to test ahead of time to give you the best possible outlook of success. 

















We book up fast. Click the button below to apply for a done-for-you Evergreen Email Sequence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most common questions we get.

How long does this take? 

From start to finish it can take as little as one month and as long as three months. The biggest factor is how quickly you can fill out two short (less than 10 question) forms for us. Once we have that, we can run with it. The best part though, is that once it's created, it can run and keep running this year and for years to come. That means once you have your evergreen sequence, you can use it to both nurture and sell again and again and again without thinking about it. Whoo hoo! 

What if I only have a few products, only low-ticket offers, or only high-ticket offers? What if my value ladder is sparse? 

An evergreen sequence can still work for you but there are a few other factors to consider. When you schedule your short strategy call, we'll go over the other factors involved and how you can get the most out of your evergreen seuqence. 

Will this work if I'm in the _____ industry? 

The short answer is yes -- to whatever industry you're in. To give you an idea of some of the industry leaders we've worked with: Perfumery, e-commerce, course creators, dentistry, dog training, speakers, non-fiction authors, fitness professionals and influencers, business coaches, essential oils, and more. If you have an offer, have people that need your offer, we can help. 

How much does it cost? 

The investment ranges based on your needs, number of emails, and a few other factors. When you book a strategy call, if we feel as if this is a good fit at the end of the call, we'll go over the pricing options (including payment plans) to suit your needs. 







Do I really need an evergreen sequence? What about broadcast emails? 

If you want a safety net for your business, then yes, you need an evergreen sequence now. If you want to bring in more revenue from products and offers you've already created, then yes, you need an evergreen sequence now. If you know that when the unexpected happens the LAST thing you want to worry about is showing up so you can make ends meet, then YES, you need an evergreen sequence now. You can still send broadcast emails, of course! But your evergreen sequence is there to compliment those OR replace them when you don't have the energy, time, or ability to write live broadcast emails. 

An Evergreen Sequence is the way to get extra revenue from offers you already have.

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