Solopreneurs and entrpereneurs that want to make more sales without working your life away.

You Can Sell on Autopilot.

This month... and every month this year, all from one evergreen email sequence?

Here's what that means from a ROI standpoint... 


10 more $37 sales means $370 more a month or $4,440 per year. 

10 more $97 sales means $970 more a month or $11,640 per year.

10 more $297 sales means $2,970 per month or $35,640 per year.

10 more $497 sales means $4,970 per month or $59,640 per year.

10 more $997 sales means $9,970 per month or $119,640 per year.


That means you're potentially leaving thousands, tens of thousands, or over a hundred thousand in passive revenue on the table. 


And it's passive because it comes from an evergreen sequence -- a series of emails that you you create once, and then let it do the heavy lifting the entire year. You're not on a call pitching -- you're building the necessary relationship with your audience on autopilot and then making sales on autopilot, too. 

Hey... did you mean to leave that here? 


That BIG pile of money? 

Every year, hard working entrprepeneurs like you are leaving heaps of cash on the table because you're not following up with your audience. Since most people need 8+ touchpoints to say "yes" to an offer... you're leaving tons of money on the table. 


I know that you know that you need an evergreen sequence. 


I know that you know that you're procrastinating on this because it's a lot of work and all of those automations feel like a big ball of yarn in your head. 


But you also know that if you could just make an extra 10 sales a month... 


That could add thousands, tens of thousands, or over a hundred thousand to your bottom line. 


You know you need it. 

So why are you procrastinating?

  • You don't know how your offers work together.
  • You don't know what to do if they're still in another sequence or if they don't finish one product when they should.
  • Mapping them out makes you tired and it feels nearly impossible to figure out how to organize the emails. 
  • It's overwhelming and a lot of writing. 
  • Too many decision trees -- what if they buy this but not that?
  • Your Email Service Provider is a disaster and you're not sure how to make an evergreen sequence work with the others.
  • You've tried a sequence and got a lot of unsubscribes.

What if I could give you the key to creating your evergreen email sequence that would take out the guess work of... 

  • How to map out your entire year of evergreen emails 
  • How and where to add in your offers
  • What to write about and how to do it quickly 
  • How to make it work with your current sequences

But you know as well as I do that each month, week, and day that's passed is another day, week, and month...

You're Leaving money on the table by not offering

and pitching your people... on autopilot. 

People that have already said they want to hear from you. 


People that want what you have to offer. 


People that just need to be consistently nurtured with a few offers for them to say yes to your flagship offer. 


A clear map for your offers with a plan for new additions in the future without the headache that you're anticipating from doing it on your own. 


More sales all year long without doing extra work all year long. 


Actually getting your evergreen sequence done and off your plate so it stops looming over you and you stop leaving money on the table. 

I know you don't have a lot of time to figure this out while doing all the things yourself. 


But I also know you don't want to be leaving thousands, tens of thousands, or even a hundred thousand on the table anymore. 


And that's where I come in. 


I'm Brittany Long, master email marketer for evergreen sequence creator for various six, seven, and eight figure entrepreneurs who want to see sales coming in all year long (and next year too) from a single sequence. 


I've helped entrepreneurs like you increase your sales without adding in more products, creating more content, or spending time doing more in your business... 


Because I know you're probably tired. 


I know you want to be able to step away without worrying about income continuing to come in at the rate it's coming in now. 


And after working on multiple sequences for six, seven, and eight figure earners, I've seen how evergreen sequences impact two important things: 


1. The bottom line of online businesses and 


2. The business owner's quality of life 

An evergreen sequence can become your best salesperson -- and it runs while you're awake and asleep, in sickness and in health. 


It runs while you're on vacation. 

It runs while you're laid up with the flu. 

It runs whether your family is doing great or your kids need extra help with their homework. 


It's always running in the background and that means that you can always be making sales. 


An evergreen sequence improves your sales with a high ROI. 

An evergreen sequence improves your quality of life because once it's done... it's done. 

Here's how it works. 

Through my guided self-paced course, the Evergreen Email Accelerator I'll show you how to create your own evergreen email sequence (in 14 hours or less.) 

And that's it. It's the simple way to map out your evergreen email sequence and get it done and set so you can start making more... 


On autopilot.


This month... 

Next month... 

And literally every single month that baby runs on its own. 


I'll show you how to map it out, add in products, even how to batch write your emails so you can get this done quickly -- in 14 hours or less, in fact. 


Even if you don't add one more email after this, you'll be nurturing (and pitching!) your audience every dang month for 12 months. 


You know that some audiences take a while to pull the trigger. 




Some even take months. 


And if you're not nurturing them (and offering them the option to buy again) after the first few days... 


You're leaving SO MUCH money on the table. 


Let's revisit those numbers from earlier because the numbers really paint the picture better than I could. 


10 more $37 sales means $370 more a month or $4,440 per year. 

10 more $97 sales means $970 more a month or $11,640 per year.

10 more $297 sales means $2,970 per month or $35,640 per year.

10 more $497 sales means $4,970 per month or $59,640 per year.

10 more $997 sales means $9,970 per month or $119,640 per year.


And it's passive because you create your evergreen email sequence once, and it does the heavy lifting the entire year. You're not on a call pitching -- you're building the necessary relationship with your audience on autopilot and then making sales on autopilot, too. 


Still not sure you can do it? Keep it reading.

There are a lot of great reasons to write your own evergreen email sequence. Do any of these sound like you? 

  • You like the idea of each email coming from your heart and brain. 
  • You think no one else will be able to write like you. 
  • You think your audience will KNOW if someone else tries to write the emails for you. 
  • You're on a budget of $500 or less, even though you know the ROI is going to be many, many, MANY times that. 
  • You know you'll commit to getting these done if you pay for the course. Or 
  • You'd like your team to learn how to write this, even if it takes a lot longer. 

If this sounds like you, the Evergreen Email Accelerator is going to help you get your year of evergreen emails written fast so you don't have to keep leaving money on the table. 


Here's What's Included in the Evergreen Email Accelerator

Here's What We'll Cover in the

Evergreen Email Accelerator


  • The Evergreen Email System: The Training You Need to Create Your Evergreen Email Sequence Fast Value: $497

    You'll learn the unique system I use to write my evergreen emails (and those of various six, seven, and eight figure business owners) quickly. There's no reason your evergreen email sequence has to take forever to create.  

    By the end, you'll know the system to structure and write your emails and you'll be able to start using it yourself. 

  • More Clickable Subject Lines: Your Guide to Subject Lines that Get Opened Value: $47

    Your subject line is like the first message on a dating app -- it's going to determine if the other person responds favorably (opens the email, in this case) or puts your message in the junk folder. Your subject line makes you or breaks you at first. 

    By the end, you'll know what subject lines should work and how to fix old subject lines in any other sequences you have. 

  • SOPS for Your Emails: Muddle Through No More. Use My Standard Operating Procedures for Writing, Creating and Uploading Your Emails Value: $147

    Learn how I plan, write, revise, and upload the emails so that you can get it done more quickly. 

    By the end, you'll know how to use my easy-to-follow standard operating procuedres to plan, write, revise, and upload your emails so you can write effective emails fast (and ensure they're in your Email Service Provider and converting). 

  • Content Calendar and the Key to Using it: How to Use the Content Calendar so You Can Plan Emails Your Audience Loves Quickly 

    Value: $147

    Not only will you be able to use my content calendar system, you'll also know how to use it quickly to plan out an entire year of evergreen emails. 

  • Repurpose Old Content: Training to Find What You Can Repurpose and Turn it into Solid Content that Converts Value: $97

    Not every email has to come from scratch. Learn what content you already have that you can repurpose (it's always more than you think), where to find it, and how to repurpose it. 

    By the end, you'll have a long list of content you can repurpose and you'll know how to break it up. 

  • Your Story and Hook Bank Starter Template and Training: How to Find Meaningful Stories and Hooks to Share with Your Audience Value $194

    Learn how to pull out meaningful stories that will keep your audience engaged and hooked on your content. You'll also learn how to connect those impactful stories with what it means for your audience and why they'll want to buy from you because of it.

    By the end of the Evergreen Email Accelerator, you'll ready to create a bank of your stories and hooks that you can pull into any email.

  • Powerful Words Cheat Sheet: The Powerful, Compelling Words that Increase Your Conversions Value $47

    Are you missing out on sales because your copy isn't compelling enough? Most people are! Get the cheat sheet that's going to help you write compelling emails through the use of power words. 

  • Practice Workbook: Practice What You're Learning with a Practice Workbook from Each Phase   Value $97

    Keep track of what you're learning and practicing with these practice workbooks. 

    By the end, you'll be able to look back over the workbooks to see how you grew and what you learned. You'll be able to reference these when you're ready to write your next sequence. 

To Recap, Here's What You Get With

the Evergreen Email Accelerator: 

A four-phase system that's quick and actionable................................. Value $497

Your Guide To Writing More Clickable Subject Lines............................ Value $47

SOPs for Your Emails................................................................................... Value $147

Content Calendar and Key to Using it....................................................... Value $147

Repurpose Old Content Training................................................................ Value $97

Your Story and Hook Bank Starter............................................................. Value $97

Powerful Words Cheat Sheet: Words to Use for Higher Conversions......................................................................................................Value $47

Practice Workbook for Each Phase............................................................ Value $77

Story and Hook Bank Training...................................................................... Value $97


Total Value: $1253

Normal Price: $997

Your Price Today: $497

The longer you wait, the more money you're leaving on the table... 



Frequently Asked Questions

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How long will the evergreen sequence be when I'm done with the Evergreen Email Accelerator?

What if I have a million other sequences? Will this still work for me? 

I don't have any offers yet. Will this still help my business? 

Finally get your evergreen sequence set up so you can start making more sales for years to come from a single sequence and stop leaving money on the table.

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