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Are you getting as much revenue as you can from your email sequences?

There's Hundreds (even Thousands) of Dollars Hidden in Your Emails

Here's How to Find this Goldmine

The affordable done-for-you service that reveals how to improve your emails and email sequences pronto so you can enjoy more passive profit without being chained to your desk 24/7.

You Already Know This

I don’t have to sell you on how important emails are to your bottom line.


You know they’re pretty freakin’ important.


You also know your emails and sequences are a bit of a hot mess and if you could just find the time and energy to do some fixin’, you’d make more money, but… 


where is this magical time and energy that are in such short supply these days?


And if you did find more time and energy...


Where the heck do you even start?! 


It would be so amazing if someone could just take a close hard look at your emails and tell you exactly what to fix and in exactly what order.


Well, here’s your chance. 

Email Sleuth is my done-for-you service where I put my detective hat on, dive into your emails and sequences, and find more gems and diamonds in the rough so you can extract more moolah from your emails.

(Fun Fact: I've investigated over 100 emails and sequences and without fail, my clients are always missing at least some of the staple emails and sequences. Once they're fixed, it's easily one of the fastest ways to more profit.)

How Email Sleuth Works

After pressing go on this offer, you’ll provide some info, and I’ll hop into your email service provider and get to work. I thoroughly analyze the following:

  • The types of emails you’re sending
  • The structure of your sequences
  • The layout of your emails (i.e. what you’re actually saying)
  • The frequency you’re emailing
  • And more!

Missing Opportunities

If you're missing emails or important must-have sequences, I'll find out! For example, so many business owners neglect their cart abandonment sequences when it's such low hangin' fruit, ripe for the taking!


And don't forget those welcome emails! That's when your audience is primed to listen!


I'm going to help you capture all these missed opportunities.

My Findings

After my search, we'll meet one-on-one. You get a detailed report of my findings with suggestions on what to edit, add, or remove and what order to do them in. 


With Email Sleuth, you’ll get a clear and detailed explanation of what's leaking and the best way to fix it (without feeling like you're drowning in quicksand.)

Since this is a valuable service I am providing, all sales are final.

Shine Bright

Look, I know your time is limited, and there’s only so much you can complete on a day to day basis. 


Take this “someday task” and outsource it to someone who lives and breathes email marketing so you stop carrying this weight around and start enjoying the bounty of a profitable, well-oiled email marketing machine — one that allows you to unplug more often. 


We can agree the longer you wait, the longer you’re leaving money behind — that's obvious. 


But consider that the longer you wait on fixing this important asset in your business, the longer you’re delaying showing your audience the best version of you. 


Let me help you shine. 


I truly hope I’ll be welcoming you soon!


xx, Brittany

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