Build Your Authority, Nurture Your Audience & Increase Sales All Year Long

(even if you take off the summer and never work another Friday)

I see you working your 🍑 off, fellow entreprenuer. 

And why? For a more financially secure future? To spend more time with your family? Because you love what you do? 


Here's why I'm asking... 

Many business owners I work with get into business to make a great living on their terms. Do what you want, with whom you want, how you want, when and where you want. 


Maybe that's to have a nest egg for when you retire... 

To help your parents as they get older... 

To pick your kids up from school everyday and spend more intentional family time...

To take vacation whenever and wherever you want... 


It all sounds great. But then the business becomes this all-consuming thing that we keep telling ourselves “if I can just get THIS under control, then I’ll be able to take more time off. THEN I’ll be able to spend more time with my family. THEN I’ll be able to… 


The problem is that there’s always something else that comes up. 


There's always something to launch, sales calls to get on, and more work to be done. 


And suddenly our one-month plan that, once done, means we can be more with our family, turns into a three-year plan that’s still ongoing. 


Is that how you want things to continue? 


And not only that, is it even SUSTAINABLE? 


What’s going to happen if…

→ You get sick 

→ You unexpectedly have to be sole caregiver to a parent that suddenly can no longer walk 

→ You have some kind of unfortunate live event that cripples all motivation and you’re barely able to get out of bed

→ You want to go on vacation (and still make enough to pay your team) 

→ You are tired of doing so many exhausting live launches and want to take a break from your business for a bit so you don’t feel so burnt out

→ You want to take time off for an important, exciting life event like giving birth, fostering, celebrating your children’s birthday

→ You want a longer maternity leave but know you still need money coming in 

→ You’re going through a divorce and can barely think about business right now -- you need something to sell on your behalf

If you don’t have someone in your company that can make sales and nurture your audience while you’re out... 


What’s going to happen to your stream of revenue that you are relying on? 


The LAST thing you should have to think about when you’re sick, hurting, or on vacation is “HOW AM I GOING TO PAY THE BILLS?”

And that’s where I come in. 


I’ve worked for too many business owners that WAIT until something like this is actually happening before they try to put an automated sales machine into their business. 


They're stressed out. Everyone around them is stressed out. It's like a stress-fest and that's before they even realize they have to deal with whatever unfortunate and unexpected life event is happening AND still make money. 


Talk about exhausting and overwhelming. 


That’s why I took everything I learned from creating an automated email sales machine for other people’s companies and am bringing it to you. 


This is the SAME system I created for my first eight-figure clients (and still use every time a business hires me for thousands to tens of thousands of dollars to write their emails FOR them).


Too many great business owners have never had access to this before!


I get requests constantly for a program to teach my secrets . . . and now, it's here. 


I hear you saying... "Okay Brittany, so what is this automated email sales machine?"

Evergreen Email Sequence (def)

A year-long nurture + sales hybrid sequence that builds your authority, nurtures your list, and sells on your behalf all year long and for years to come. 


An evergreen sequence is the sequence that keeps your audience engaged between launches…

It's the sequence that nurtures your audience on your behalf -- even when you're in a crisis and can't write and send an email live and even when you're in the Caribbean, sippin' some Mai Tai's with your girlfriends and watching the ocean glide onto the shore.


An evergreen email sequence is the automated sales machine you've been looking for. 

Skip the guesswork...

Discover the #1 Method to Completing Your Cash-Generating Evergreen Sequence Lickety Split

(with none of the doubt & frustration)

The live group training that helps you launch your profitable evergreen sequence faster with hands-on support and guidance (and none of the "Am I doing this right?" guesswork)

Regular Price = $1997

Guided Coaching

When it comes to creating and setting up an automated email sequence that generates sales on a daily basis...


Are you wishing there was someone to take you by the hand and coach you through your evergreen emails so you don't have to worry if you're doing it right?


Well say no more.

What's Included in Ease into Evergreen



Get to the root of what an evergreen email sequence is (and isn’t) and why it’s such a powerful asset for your short and long term revenue goals.


Ask Brittany any burning questions you have from the Evergreen Email Accelerator.


Plus, I share some real-life case studies from my students and how an evergreen sequence has impacted them


(Spoiler Alert: They saw loads of improvement and sales.)



Avoid the pitfalls of having a dull sequence. You’ll learn where most businesses go wrong and how it connects with your other sequences.


And I finally address the common question of whether you need a welcome sequence with your evergreen sequence.



And now arguably my favorite part of the training. You’ll tackle how to plan your engaging sequence for the whole year. Yes, I’m talking about a sequence that works 365 days with no time off. 


With four planning options to choose from, you’re assured it’s tailored to your unique business. (No cookie-cutter plans here.)


Got amazing offers but not sure where they go? You’ll learn how and where to strategically place these offers in your sequence so they run like a dream on clockwork


The best part? You’ll be able to work through this in a LIVE, small group setting with Brittany.



In this section, we take all your planning from the previous lesson and map it all out together. I show you 15 ways to come up with engaging content quickly and where it fits on your map.


With examples and live feedback and support, you’ll never feel lost and you’ll “get” it so much faster because you’re getting it DONE live, with feedback from the creator of the Evergreen Email Accelerator. 



If your emails have been lackluster in the past, this section will help you combat that. 


Learn how to structure your email for optimum engagement with my “Money now” (ATMRN) acronym. You’ll conquer how to truly get inside of the mind of your audience so they actually want to open and read what you have to say. (Trust me, it’s not as hard as you think.)



This section is all about capitalizing on everything you’ve learned so far and completing your next two emails. 


With my step-by-step secret sauce method to writing powerful and meaningful emails fast, you’ll get this completed in a jiff during our first session!



Ever wish your audience would simply do what you want them to? Well, with the right compelling call to action, they will. It’s not enough to just say “click here”.


Next, you’ll learn the anatomy of a call to action that actually gets the coveted click. 


Also, before they even click, learn what subject lines will get them to open — especially now that iOS updates will be impacting the data you get from your email service provider. The sooner you can interpret the data before losing it, the more successful you’ll be.


I even share my you-can’t-miss-this secret hack for ensuring you have an enticing subject line.



In this section, you will take action on what you’ve learned and apply it to your business.


With my step-by-step instructions and live feedback you’re on your way to a cha-ching evergreen sequence.



Learn how to increase the three factors that will make or break your email sequence. 


I will show you how to increase your deliverability so you don’t end up in the spam folder or worse, blacklisted. 


Next, let’s increase your open rate so you can get more eyes on your messaging. Did you know certain days of week result in fewer opens? I dish on which days to avoid inside this training. 


Lastly, let’s tackle click rate (i.e. engagement) so you can have more of an impact. Learn what words not to use and which ones speak directly to your audience.


And that’s just day 1! It seems like a LOT to fit into day 1, I know! But when you’ve done the amount of done-for-you evergreen email sequences I have and have a system that works for all of them like mine does, it’s not only possible to get through all of this in a day, it’s going to be fun, too! You’ll feel like a total writing pro by the end of day 1! 



After all the hard work you’ve done, it’s time to refine and see where you can improve. 


On day 2 (completed a week after the first 9 sessions in day 1), we’ll dive into what is going right and how to correct what’s going wrong.


You’ll uncover where you’re losing money and what your next steps are.


That means LIVE feedback so you’re not writing a ton of emails that aren’t going to convert.


That’s the secret sauce to this training: getting the info you need on day 1, taking action, and then optimizing after all your hard work. 


As an award-winning teacher, I know firsthand that doing it on your own is where we will uncover gaps in your understanding so we can practice some more. 


Day 2 is all about helping you work through anything you’re stuck on, clarifying anywhere you feel lost, and helping you feel totally confident to slay your emails on your own with no guesswork and no wondering if it’s right or “good enough”. 

Regular Price = $1997

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

I'm not sure if this is the right time for me to do this.

What's the investment? 

How long does it take? 

How quickly can I expect to earn back my investment from my emails? 

I'm on the fence. Why should I get into Ease into Evergreen NOW instead of waiting until later? 

Do I need any kind of special software? 

My business is new. Is this for me? 

I've been in business for years. Is this for me? 

What My Clients Are Saying

Brittany is brilliant in doing these evergreen email sequences. The way she can come up with categories and topics and make every single email flow seamlessly from one email to another is crazy.

Suzanne Edwards

AlphaMamas Fitness

Oh, my gosh, I just I love knowing that I have a whole year like an actual plan and an actual strategy for a whole year that is working for my business all of the time. It's totally customed to me, but in my voice, and yeah, so it was amazing. 

Colleen Kochannek

The Scrappy Frontier

Brittany's services have impacted us because we were able to update a lot of copy that had become stagnant and wasn't having the conversions that we wanted anymore. There is so much copy involved in running a business. The more I could have someone else do it to the quality that I really needed it to be and that was going to feel good to me was just so helpful.


I would highly recommend Brittany's services for sure!

Esther Inman

Virtual Assistant Internship

I bought the courses, tried the templates, had written tons of my own emails, but just couldn't put it all together. Thanks to Brittany, I can focus my attention and creative innovation on another part of my business. That is something I am so grateful for. We all have new ideas all the time. And what was happening was is I would still have a new idea, but I would just neglect the email side. Now it's taking care of and then I can express myself in the way that I love.

Renee Hribar

Sales Coach

Since this is a live 2-day event, all sales are final.

Regular Price = $1997

Limited Spots

I would love to say you have all the time in the world to decide, but that’s not the case because I limit how many people can join this special training. 


In order to make sure you get only the best experience and results with your evergreen email sequence, spots are limited to only 12 attendees.


If the spots are already filled, you will see a red waitlist button below. Please note: spots fill quickly. 


Don’t miss out on completing and launching your profitable automated email sequence faster with direct access to me. I look forward to seeing you inside the program! 

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